Are orthotics covered?

Yes, orthotics are a covered benefit under the Land Group Insurance Plan.

What are the requirements to have orthotics covered?

The following criteria must be met.orthodic requirement

What is the Cost Plus Benefit and how can I use it?

Cost Plus Benefit Information / Claim Form.

What age is my child covered until for Health and Dental Benefits?

Dependent children are covered to age 21, or any age if a full time student. Confirmation of school attendance must be provided each semester.

Do I need a prescription for Chiropractic Services and how much is covered?

A prescription is not required to make a claim for Chiropractic Services. The plan now pays reasonable and customary charges per visit up to $500 maximum per calendar year.

Are eye exams covered?

If you have the EHC benefit the plan pays $50 every two years.